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Deimos Engenharia

Deimos LogoDEIMOS Engenharia is a private Portuguese Aerospace Engineering company, delivering advanced design solutions and turn-key space SW systems since 2002. DEIMOS Engenharia bases its origins and expertise in the fields of Mission Analysis, Space Systems Engineering, and Ground Segment Systems.

The core business ranges from engineering design activities (such as algorithms definition, mathematical modeling, simulation and systems prototyping), to operational SW systems development and validation. DEIMOS Engenharia innovative approaches to problems and rigorous project methodologies (following ESA ECSS Standards) have been highly regarded by ESA and leading European Space System Integrators, so that the company is now present in most relevant European space programs and missions, like MARS EXPRESS, VENUS EXPRESS, EOEP (SMOS), AURORA and GALILEO.

The growth of company know-how and technology level is ensured by a permanent effort placed in the participation in ESA and EC Technology Research programs. Involved in large and complex projects, DEIMOS Engenharia has been consolidating an extended collaboration network including leading European University research groups, R&D labs and outstanding companies. DEIMOS Engenharia is one of the founders and is currently leading Proespaco - the Portuguese Space Industry Association.

DEIMOS Engenharia areas of activities include:

Mission Analysis

  • Flight Dynamics and Precise Navigation
  • Trajectory Optimization
  • Satellite Constelations & Formation Flying
  • Spaceceraft Environment and Effects

Engineering Studies
  • Guidance, Navigation and Control Systems
  • GNSS Navigation & Receiver Technologies
  • Spacecraft System Prototyping
  • Engineering Simulation Tools Development

Ground Segment
  • Systems Ground Segment Software
  • Payload Data Management
  • Earth Observation Systems
  • Mission Operation & Control Systems
  • Mission Planning Systems

The multi-disciplinary team of engineers of DEIMOS Engenharia is the key resource to ensure successful aerospace implementations and interoperability with a permanent attention to leading and emerging technologies.

Critical Software

Critical LogoAcross a range of markets, from Space and Aeronautics to Defence & Homeland Security and Transportation, customers trust Critical Software to bring quality and innovation to information systems in a timely and cost effective manner, while developing solutions that simply must not fail. Critical Software has a proven experience in delivering highly dependable mission oriented critical solutions to high profile customers, including NASA, the European Space Agency, AgustaWestland, EADS, UK MoD, BAE Systems and Thales Alenia Space, among many others.

Critical Software specializes in software architecture and system testing, being renowned for providing best-of-breed solutions and software certifiable services and products for subsystems and interfaces. The experience acquired in international consortia with prime contractors around the globe, has paved the way for Critical Software to provide services ranging from system planning and analysis, to system design, development, integration and maintenance. Critical Software has also provided engineering processes definition, solution design and support for the development and integration of Safety Critical Sub-Systems.

Since 1998, from its headquarter in Portugal, and offices in San Jose (USA), Southampton (UK), Bucharest (Romania), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Maputo (Mozambique), Critical Software's core competences cover a wide array of expertise - EAI, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Command & Control, Earth Observation, Integrated Logistic Support, Security and Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Mobile Services and Verification, Validation & RAMS - that are flexibly used in order to better address customer requirements and engineering solutions for multidisciplinary projects.

Quality has been strategic at Critical Software since the very beginning and is today one of the company's strong competitive advantage. The company proven track record in delivering high integrity software solutions can be attributed to the application of best practice project management techniques, backed by the coordination and control provided by an internal Quality Management System (QMS) certified in accordance with rigorous international standards. Critical Software's QMS defines effective and efficient processes and practices for project teams to ensure that customer requirements and expectations are satisfied by the end product or service. The company's QMS can be tailored according to customer specific requirements and project criticality levels. Critical Software operates an ISO9001:2000 Tick-IT and CMMI SW/SE Level 5 accredited quality system and applies the ISO/IEC 15504 standard in the area of software process assessment (whose deployment was supported and monitored by the European Space Agency).