Bug Listing

Code Creation Date Product Module Summary Impact Status
583 2013-04-01 L1PP generic Wrong annotation of DSR size on the HDR of science 1A products MINOR ASSIGNED
582 2012-12-06 L1PP L1PP GUI When editing the configurationFile.xml in the GUI the ANIR path is incorrectly set MINOR ASSIGNED
581 2012-07-31 L1PP Geolocation Pixels in Sun tails caused by Sun replicas outside the hexagon are not flagged MINOR RESOLVED
580 2012-07-11 L1PP Geolocation L1PP crashes when using L1c consolidation CRASH RESOLVED
578 2012-06-05 L1PP Geolocation Incorrect end pole consolidation in L1PP MINOR RESOLVED
577 2012-06-05 L1PP Geolocation Sun tails flag should be expanded to the Sun BT configurable radius MINOR RESOLVED
576 2012-06-05 L1PP Geolocation Sunglint flagging is not correctly computed in FOV MAJOR RESOLVED
575 2012-06-04 L1PP Geolocation Minor discrepancies in BT (10E-5) for the same pixel in Land and Sea products MINOR RESOLVED
574 2012-05-31 L1PP Nir Calibration MIR_CSTD1A is not annotated in the header MINOR RESOLVED
573 2012-05-29 L1PP Error Correction Wrong identification of end of product in L1a Full Pol processing MINOR RESOLVED
572 2012-05-14 L1PP Geolocation -3dB radius in APDS and APDL ADFs MINOR RESOLVED
571 2012-02-28 L1PP Correlated Noise Injection Calibration sequence duplication when processing overlapping products MINOR RESOLVED
570 2012-02-02 L1PP File Accessor Missing or incorrect references in L1b and L1c headers MINOR RESOLVED
569 2012-01-19 L1PP Geolocation Wrong Tsys used in radiometric accuracy computation for T3/T4 MINOR RESOLVED
568 2012-01-17 L1PP Image Reconstruction Annotation of Foreign_Sources_Correction is wrong for TARX1B files MINOR RESOLVED
567 2012-01-11 L1PP Foreign Sources Correction Use of Galactic T3 component should be enabled MINOR RESOLVED
566 2011-12-19 L1PP Geolocation Border flagging in xi-eta is not working correctly MINOR RESOLVED