The Project

This page was built to support the release of the SMOS Level 1 Processor Prototype (L1PP), an ESA contract under DME responsibilty. The contract has evolved and the L1PP is discontinued since version 6.0.0 (still available in this page).
The objectives of the SMOS Level 1 Processor Prototype (L1PP) activities were the definition of the L1 product types and contents, the definition of the data processing models and the implementation and validation of the baseline processing algorithms. The L1PP was used for studies on the feasibility of the algorithms as well as the advantages/disadvantages of other relevant proposed algorithms before they are taken to the SMOS operational chain.

The prototype receives SMOS Level 0 Products as input together with Auxiliary Data Files (ADFs). These are processed then in several steps and the following products are generated as outputs:

  • Level 1A products - SMOS reformatted and calibrated observation and housekeeping data in engineering units;
  • Level 1B products - output of the image reconstruction of the SMOS observation measurements;
  • Level 1C - swath-based maps of brightness temperature.

The L1PP is a data driven application which is able to process, in addition to the L0 products, the L1A and L1B products.

Since 2013, DME is responsible for the maintenance of the SMOS L1 Operational Prototype (L1OP). The documentation and data relative to this processor is now available in this page, in the "L1OP" tab.