The L1 Operational Processor

The maintenance of the L1 Operational Processor is a new output of this project. The L1 OP is a streamlined version of the L1PP that is built for integration with the SMOS Data Processing Ground Segment facilities. It provides all the interfaces algorithms needed to process SMOS L0 Products operationally into L1a, L1b and L1c products.

The current stable version available is 7.0.0, the fifth major release of this software suite by Deimos. This release represents the Processing Baseline defined at SMOS Quality Working Group 16, plus SPR fixes.

Current Version 7.0.0 (stable)
Intended Audience SMOS IDEAS
Operating Systems Linux 64 bits
Programming Language C/C++
Release Notes Release Notes
Software User Manual Software User Manual
Table Generation Requirements Document Table Generation Requirements Document
Product Specification (Preliminary Document) Product Specification (Preliminary Document)
Data Processing Models Data Processing Model L1a
Data Processing Model L1b
Data Processing Model L1c
Detailed Design Document Architecture Design Document
Detailed Design Document for algorithms code (Doxygen)
Validation Documents Validation Plan for System Tests
Validation Plan for Acceptance Tests
Validation Report for System Tests
Validation Report for Acceptance Tests
Bug Listing Click here for bug listing
Bug Reporting Click here for bug reporting

Download L1 Product Schemas 7.0.0 (cksum)
L1OP v700 Installer