In the scope of the L1PP development, different parallel activities need to be performed in order to support the achievement of the main goal of the project, which is to validate the data processing algorithms. In order to support the L1PP development and validation, tools for generating/analysing the data and tools for handling the SMOS products were developed:

  • SEPS - Ground Segment - tool for simulating the MIRAS instrument behaviour, used mainly as a Level 0 Products generator and for cross-validation of the L1PP;
  • Binary XML - library for accessing Earth Explorer Formated files containnig XML headers and binary data blocks;
  • Visualization Tool - application used for visualizing the contents of the products and breakpoints generated by the prototype.
  • SMOS Data Conversion Tool - Linux command line application used for converting EGSE and FEP data into L0 products. Both L1PP and DPGS L0 formats are supported, as well as the conversion from FEP format into EGSE format for usage in the UPC Testing SW.
  • SMOS External Data Consolidator Tool - Linux command line application used for grouping consecutive half-orbits of external target L0 data into a single L0 product per APID. The intended public are Commissioning Teams who want to process external target L0 data but do not want it to be cut into half-orbits.