The Binary XML is a library used to access the data of a hybrid binary-ASCII file using an XML Schema that defines the order and type of the data contained in the file. This approach makes it possible to alter the read/write format of a given hybrid file by simply changing the XML Schema.

The tool is based in BinX*, the Binary XML Description Language from edikt, which provides the storage and retrieval of data into binary files and is also based on the Earth Explorer File Handling Library from ESA for storage and retrieval of data into XML files.

Download BinaryXML 3.7
(Linux 32/64, Mac OS)

Current Version 3.7
User Manual User Manual
Intended Audience SMOS community
Operating Systems Linux/MAC/Solaris
Programming Language C++
User Interface No interface
Support Libraries Binary XML is based on low level interfaces to the BinX library from edikt. Certain corrections were performed on the handling of variable arrays from the original version available in edikt. The latest compiled version of BinX (v1.2.6) can be downloaded here.
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