Auxiliary Data Files (ADFs)

Different ADFs with auxiliary information are needed by the prototype in order to process the products. The ADF Set description document identifies the existing ADFs while the ADF Format document describes the contents and format of each ADF. Current version of the ADFs is 6.0.0. It contains the set of ADF in DPGS V3 format and it shall be used together with L1PP 6.0.0

Download ADF Package 6.0.0 (375 Mb *)
Download ADF Set Description
* The G-Matrix ADF is not included in the ADF Package.

The following table describes summarily the EEF ADFs used by the prototype.
For a description of the DPGS V3 ADF, please consult the available SMOS DPGS operational documentation.
Type of Data Description
Apodisation Window Coefficients Defines the apodisation function coefficients over the frequency domain coordinates (U,V) for the Blackman Window.
Strip Adaptive Modelling Coefficients Contains the Strip Adaptive modelling coefficients, that relate the apodisation function coefficients of a 2D Kaiser window with the desired pixel footprint size. This ADF is only used in case Strip Adaptive processing is selected.
Best Fit Plane Euler Rotation Angles between Antenna Reference Frame and Best-Fit Plane. Filled with angles measured during IVT.
Mispointing Characterisation Euler Rotation Angles between the Star Tracker Reference Frame and the Antenna Reference Frame. Filled with zeroes, to be characterised in orbit.
Bistatic Scattering Coefficients Bistatic Scattering Coefficients used for removing Sun Glint effects. Look-Up-Table provided by IFREMER.
Discrete Global Grid ISEA aperture 4, resolution 9 global hexagonal grid, containing geodetic coordinates (lat-lon-alt) of all pixels.
Failing Components Table Failing components table set to no failures in any element.
Galaxy L-band Map Map of the Galaxy Brightness Temperatures containing 6 layers of721x1441 elements. Values of the first 4 layers have been taken directly from the map produced by ESA (N. Floury), plus two additional layers representing the NIR expected measurements and RMS values that are used in NIR calibration and FTT. All values are consistent with the latest Galaxy Map provided by ESA.
Flat Target Transformation Measurements Flat Target Transformation Measurements generated from SEPS.
G Matrix Definition Instrument System Response G Matrix used in the Image Reconstruction process. Generated by L1PP.
J Matrix Definition System Response Pseudo-Inverse J+ Matrix used in the image reconstruction process. Generated by L1PP.
One example with cross-polar contamination effects, generated with L1PP 3.3.0, can be downloaded from here (1.3 Gb *)
Receivers Characterisation Receivers characterisation (ohmic efficiency and absolute phase). Absolute Phase has been updated with on-ground measurements during IVT, Ohmic Efficiency values are not yet available and are filled with defaults (1.0).
Land/Sea Mask ADF extracted from combining the USGS Land-Sea mask and ISEA grid.
L1C Pixel Mask ADF containing the assignment of the ISEA nodes to SM or OS products.
Moon Brightness Temperature Map Model Moon Brightness Temperature measurements, to be used only for reprocessing. ADF currently incomplete.
NIR Characterisation tables NIR characterisation table. This is the final version with all NIR parameters measured on-ground.
PLM Characterisation table Parameters calibrated on-ground referent to elements of the PLM. This is the final version with all PLM parameters measured on-ground.
PMS Characterisation tables PMS characterisation table. This is the final version with all PMS parameters measured on-ground, sensitivities may be refined after the satellite is in orbit.
RFI sources Map ADF containing TRUE values for those pixels that are expected to be affected by RFI. Filled with all zeros except for a few demonstration pixels.
Relevant S-parameters of MIRAS Noise distribution networks and switch S-parameters characterisation. NDN data has been filled with complete data from EADS CASA Espacio with the full S-parameters. Switch data has been filled using EADS CASA Espacio measurements.
Sun Brightness Temperature Map Model Sun Brightness Temperature measurements, to be used only for reprocessing. ADF currently incomplete.
Reference Orbit Scenario File Reference orbit description, linking UTC time to orbit time. Generated using EE CFI Function.