The Prototype

The development of the L1 Processor Prototype (L1PP) is the main purpose of the project. The L1PP is an application that processes SMOS L0 Products and generates L1a, L1b and L1c products. The application is developed using C language and has a modern Graphical User Interface that allows the user to easily interact with the application.
The current stable version available is 6.0.0, the fourth release of the software for the Operational Maintenace Phase of the mission. This release represents the Processing Baseline defined at SMOS Quality Working Group 9.

Download L1PP 6.0.0
(22Mb - Linux 64 bits)

Current Version 6.0.0 (stable)
Release Notes Release Notes (6.0.0)
User Manual User Manual (6.0.0)
Source Code L1PP Source Code 6.0.0
Intended Audience SMOS community
Operating Systems Linux 64 bits
Programming Language C
User Interface JAVA GUI
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