SEPS Ground Segment

SEPS Ground Segment (SEPS-GS) is an evolution of the SMOS End-to-end Performance Simulator (SEPS) used by L1PP team to simulate the MIRAS instrument and to generate Level 0 data. SEPS was initially developed by UPC, GMV and EADS CASA in order to help the scientific community to assess the performance of the SMOS mission. SEPS-GS is an evolution of SEPS v4.0.1 focused manly on the generation of L0 products that can be directly ingested by the L1PP.

Download SEPS-GS 2.2.0
(624 Mb)

Current Version 2.2.0
Release Notes Release Notes
Intended Audience SMOS community
Operating Systems Linux/Windows/MacOS/Solaris
Programming Language Matlab 7
User Interface Matlab
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SEPS Ground Interface